All Things Go

Can you really leave New York without writing an essay about it?

The view of an orange-pink sunset sky in between two rows of buildings
I never thought I’d like living in Brooklyn, but Brooklyn proved me wrong
A zoomed-out view of the Battery Park City boardwalk, with a grumpy, blurry Camille holding a camera and a grumpy-looked Grandma
Justin took this photo.
A hand holds a mini Polaroid picture of four people smiling with their arms around each other. A brown dog is jumping up to lick the first person’s face.
The Chicago skyline in the background, Lake Michigan in the foreground, and a blue sky behind them
The view of the skyline from Northwestern’s campus, a.k.a. my tattoo.



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Camille Beredjick

Writer based in Chicago. Writes about LGBTQ issues, mental health, family, relationships, & more.